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All businesses want to grow and expand. Small to medium-sized businesses require more effort and time due to limited resources and higher competition. The best way to succeed is to build a solid financial footing. Effective accounting, tax planning, and bookkeeping can help businesses strengthen their foundation.
Unfortunately, not every business has the expertise and experience to accomplish this.
This is where OZ Accounting Services LLC steps in.
We offer a full range of accounting services, payroll services, individual and business tax preparation software implementation, and business consultation to help your business get a strong footing to expand and succeed. Our expert accounting team has extensive experience and knowledge to support companies and individuals in maintaining clean books.
OZ Accounting Services offers multiple accounting services with competitive pricing. Our team understands your needs, assesses your existing situation, and creates an action plan for your business growth.

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"Our extensive services include Accounts Cleanup, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Planning and Preparation, Accounting Software Implementation and Business Consultation"

Our Mission

To offer the best accounting and bookkeeping services to allow clients to focus more on the success of their business.

Our Vision

To create a solid structure to deliver exceptional services that contribute to the community's growth and shape a better future.

Exceptional Accounting Services


We offer bookkeeping services for a range of industries.

Tax Calculator

We make it our business to be well-versed in the newest tax legislation so you never pay one dollar more than you are legally obligated to pay.

Payroll Services

We provide peace of mind for small business owners, ensuring the team gets paid on time.

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Why Choose OZ Accounting Services

If you are a small to medium-sized business, our team is ready to help you reach greater heights. We offer:

Customized services based on your needs and goals
Economical pricing to maintain your budget
Quick turnaround to ensure all your books are updated

Let us manage your books while you take care of the other aspects of your business. Our expert team of accountants and bookkeepers will help you become financially strong to provide the best services to your customers.

Our Unique-Valued Proposition

High Ethics

Our team strictly follows the contractual agreement and the laws of the state while working with businesses and people


Our team works together to maintain our goals and promises to our partners, employees, and clients while protecting the privacy and data


Our team focuses on the needs and requirements of our clients and proactively provides solutions for their growth and success

Continuous Improvement

Our team constantly works on further developing and improving our services. We provide our clients with reliable and advanced solutions to increase their profitability

Committed Team

Our team comprises highly experienced and dedicated people who continuously undergo training to enhance their knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best service

Software Expertise

We can work on any of the Accounting Software of your choice!

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